Tips for the MWEE 101 Course

  1. If you need help with the site or have questions contact Bart Merrick or Krysta Hougen (phone: 410-226-1015; emails: /

  2. Below the description of each lesson you will see one or more blue links. Click on these links to explore the MWEE content and participate in the activity. We suggest that you complete the entire activity during one sitting so that you don't lose any responses or discussions that you participated in. You will be able to re-take and review the lessons after you completed them. This functionality is enabled so that you can continue to re-visit the course as a resource.

  3. Many of the activities in this course are set up as lessons, with buttons at the bottom of each page for you to use to navigate the content. The navigation is typically limited to forward and backward. If you want to go back a few pages, you can use the Lesson Navigation links on the right side of window (this is only the case when you are actually "in" a lesson).

  4. When you download documents to read, save the files someplace you can find them again, so you don’t have to keep downloading them.
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