Frequently Asked Questions about the MWEE 101 Course

I created an account and enrolled in MWEE 101 but where are the course lessons?

After following the directions in the activity titled "START HERE!: How to create an account and enroll in a Chesapeake Exploration course" found on the homepage of this course, you need to manually check the small box next to the title of the activity. The three lessons for this course will appear on the homepage after that box is checked and your browser page refreshes. If the lessons don't appear right away, you may need to reload your browser or log out and log back in.

We added in this extra step to "check" the box to make sure people are "enrolled users" and not just "guest users". Because, as a guest user, your essay responses will not be viewable to the course instructors which is required to received a Certificate of Completion.

NOTE: Creating an account on Chesapeake Exploration is different than enrolling in MWEE 101 - you must do BOTH for your work to be saved and visible.

I finished the lesson but why is my percent complete less than 100%?

This percentage will change when you navigate back into lessons. Just keep working through the course and don't worry about the percent complete. The course instructors will be able to see that you completed the course by looking at your activity log and seeing if you answered all questions.

Where do my essay responses go? I would like a copy for my records and to remember my MWEE ideas and thoughts.

We want people to have the ability to go back into lessons as often as they'd like to review resources and materials. However, this feature also means your original essay responses disappear each time you return to a lesson. But, don't worry, even though your responses disappear from the lesson itself, you can view your responses in the Lesson essays feedback section of the Navigation Panel on the MWEE 101 homepage.

Lesson essays feedback should appear at the top of the Navigation Panel after you have submitted your first essay. As long as you are enrolled in the MWEE 101 Course and hit "submit" after each essay, your responses will be saved to this section. 

When you finish the entire course, a box will appear at the bottom of the course with instructions on how to receive a Certificate of Completion and Credits for some states. Email Krysta Hougen ( with all the information requested in that box for your Certificate of Completion. She will then review your essay responses and make comments/share resources and ideas. Her feedback will then appear in the Lesson essays feedback section below your responses. 

Where are my grades?

Grades to essay questions are simply complete or incomplete - so even if you are new to MWEEs, write something! To earn your Certificate of Completion, we are just looking for people that completed the course and put some thought into their answers.

When will my essays be graded?

Your account and essays will not be reviewed until AFTER you email Krysta Hougen ( with the information requested in the "How to receive a certificate..." section found near the bottom of the course page.

How do I get credits for this course?

After you complete all lessons in the course, a new box will appear at the bottom of the course with instructions on how to obtain credits in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware, and the District of Columbia. You must start by first following the instructions on how to receive your Certificate of Completion and then you can move on to your state-specific instructions.