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  • Module 1 - Lesson 1

  • Module 1 - Lesson 2

  • Module 1 - Lesson 3

    Lesson 3 - Planning and Evaluating MWEEs

    In this lesson we will follow the three case studies that you watched in Lesson 1 as we delve into the planning and evaluating of MWEEs. 

    Estimated Time to Complete Lesson: 60 minutes

    Lesson Objectives:

    • Develop a deeper understanding of the Environmental Literacy Model (ELM)
    • Use the MWEE Audit Tool to evaluate an ELMs from one of the case studies 
  • MWEE 101 Certificate of Completion

    If you are seeing this message you have completed the three lessons that comprise the MWEE 101 online course. Congratulations! 

    To receive your certificate of completion please email You will need to include your first and last name in the email as well as any course or professional development program that this might be counted towards. Please note that at this time we do not yet have CPD/CEU credits associated with this course but plan to in the near future.