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      All these steps allow us to keep this course self-paced with a rolling enrollment. These instructions are to ensure your progress in this course and your submitted reflections are saved and, we are notified if and when you want your Environmental Literacy Model (ELM) and your work in this course reviewed to receive a Certificate of Completion.

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        To receive a Certificate of Completion for credits and save your progress and lesson reflections, (1) create an account in Chesapeake Exploration and (2) enroll in MWEE 201.

        Learn how by watching the videos. Click the expansion button within each video to watch it full screen; there is no sound. You can review the video transcripts and slides from the videos at your own pace by clicking into each video's page.

      • Pre-Assessment

        To access the MWEE 201 Lessons, you must first complete this Pre-Assessment.

        The pre-assessment only appears if you are currently logged into your Chesapeake Exploration account and enrolled in this course.

        MWEE 201 should be taken after MWEE 101. MWEE 101 introduces the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience framework. In MWEE 101 you learned the MWEE approach to environmental literacy programming and how this approach supports education standards, student learning and stewardship outcomes and the different roles students and educators play to make a MWEE successful.

        Success in MWEE 201 requires this background knowledge. Whether you just completed MWEE 101 or did so a while back please complete this pre-assessment to ensure your readiness for the MWEE 201 course. If you struggle to get the correct answers in the pre-assessment, consider taking MWEE 101 before starting MWEE 201. During MWEE 201 you will be designing or updating a MWEE program using the Environmental Literacy Model (ELM).

        The 5 Parts to MWEE 201 will appear after you complete this pre-assessment.